Millie Goodrich
Director, Lean Business
Hillenbrand, Inc.
Batesville, IN

"Be humble. Respect and learn from those that do the work before you tell them how much you know. Be prepared to work hard, learn a lot and feel both great accomplishment and disappointment on any given day. Strive to make some improvement every day.”

Since joining Hillenbrand, Millie has traveled around the world to the company’s different operating groups, building Lean from the ground up.  She leverages her 18 years of experience in the automotive industry with her deep foundation of Lean, built by working with two of the most knowledgeable thinkers in the field. Millie is masterful at having colleagues buy-in to the Lean principles, understand them, and then execute.   As a result of her skill and passion, she has driven some exceptional results throughout all the companies she’s worked for.  
Millie was recruited because she had the knowledge and work ethic needed to build a culture of Lean Hillenbrand’s newly acquired companies.  One example of her contributions in this arena is the success she experienced at the Coperion plant in Wytheville, Virginia.   After introducing Lean principles at the plant, and following months of hard work, the results came in including an improvement in lead time, an inventory decrease, and dramatic productivity savings.
Part of Millie’s success comes from her uncanny ability to form a strong working relationship with the people around her. Since joining Hillenbrand, Millie has interfaced with a variety of people in an array of cultures and language. She is adept at quickly assimilating into the environment and making others feel comfortable.  Because a major component of implementing any new initiative, such as Lean, is getting buy-in from those you are teaching, Millie’s ability to establish trust and rapport drives the success of the implementation. 

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