Stephanie Gilbert
Staff Manufacturing Engineering Team Lead
Johnson & Johnson Vision Care Inc.
Jacksonville, FL

“I would encourage individuals to be innovative and embrace the daily challenges and changes in manufacturing. Encourage team members to seek opportunities and share ideas for continuous improvement in the areas of Safety, Quality and Productivity.”

Stephanie Gilbert leads the team that holds six of the 12 2nd Generation technology line production volume records at Johnson & Johnson Vision Care (JJVC) Manufacturing. Under her leadership, production is up, quality incidents are down, and the Employee Credo Survey shows a positive rating of her supervision.   These successes demonstrate her focus on detail while never forgetting the bigger objective of producing high volumes of perfect quality product.
 Stephanie is also on the recruiting team for JJVC Inc. and plays an important role in attracting more diverse candidates into manufacturing. She attends job fairs and other recruiting opportunities around the nation, and is an outstanding mentor for new employees, male and female.
As an African American woman supervising 60 male technicians, Stephanie faced some challenges.  Eventually her direct approach and commitment to transparency earned her their respect and put the plant in the position to accomplish business objectives.
Known for being “tough but fair,” Stephanie has a solid understanding of the wide variety of technologies used in the plant.  But even more important than her technology expertise is her thorough understanding of the people who make up her team. She organizes work to take advantage of each person’s strengths and to minimize exposure of the group to any weaknesses of any one person.  She is a skilled mentor, delivering difficult messages directly, and providing coaching that helps development and moves the team along to accomplishing its goals.

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