Brittany Gianesini
Human Resources Supervisor
Modine Manufacturing Company
Buena Vista, VA

"The Human Resources function can sometimes be behind the scenes in regards to the day to day decisions on manufacturing floor, but carefully balancing the needs of the business with those of the employees helps lead to a successful team environment, and hopefully, a thriving business.”

Brittany joined Modine in a corporate HR function in 2011.   Although she had little experience in manufacturing, Brittany made an immediate impact at Modine as she helped to revitalize the company’s educational outreach, recruiting, and social media initiatives. Thanks, in part, to Brittany’s leadership, Modine received UW-Milwaukee’s Outstanding Co-op/Intern Employer award in 2013. Brittany is now the Human Resource Supervisor at the company’s 200-person Modine facility in Buena Vista, VA. She is responsible for recruiting/training/development, benefits administration, performance management, safety, and general employee relations programming at the plant. 
Although graduating with a double major in Human Resources and Spanish prepared Brittany well for a career in HR, neither of these degree programs prepared her for a manufacturing environment.  Brittany has overcome this challenge by working closely with production teams on recruiting programs, safety programs, training initiatives and various other shop floor activities. She has become very comfortable in the production environment and understands the responsibilities of the employees and the issues that impact our operations.
Brittany demonstrates communication skills beyond her years of experience. She is able to readily assess and resolve problems and drive change in our organization. She balances the needs of the business with those of the employees, leading to a successful team environment. She continuously demonstrates the ability to understand a current process, identifies ways to improve that process, and then communicates process changes in a way that builds support from those involved in the process. Overall, she creates a positive work environment for our plant and effectively drives change that contribute to the success of the company.

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