Cathy Geiger
Senior Program Manager
ACE Clearwater
Torrance, CA

"In an industry dominated by men, I have always excelled. Not because I worked to overcome society’s limitations of being a woman in manufacturing, but because they never occurred to me. As women we need to define our own goals and strive to achieve our own expectations.”

Cathy has been in the aerospace manufacturing environment her entire career, starting at Rockwell International on the Space Shuttle program.  She excelled in a range of different roles, eventually working on the B1 bomber program.  The experience she brings to ACE Clearwater as a result of her many and varied responsibilities over the years is exceptional.  Today Cathy finds the resources to keep the metal forming facility operating at a near zero defect mode. Under Cathy's leadership the plant has shipped over 485,000 parts in the past ten years to its main customer (Honeywell Aerospace) with just 37 rejections, a testament to her management skills.
Cathy has come up with many suggestions for streamlining the plant’s very complicated processes. Her advice is sound, reasoned, and practical in a fast moving manufacturing environment. She is analytical and trustworthy.  Cathy has communication and technical skills that allow her to easily transition between meeting with key customers to discuss technical issues and collaborating with lead engineers, corporate executives, or shop floor personnel to understand production, scheduling, or cost containment problems. 
Cathy leads by example and is an inspiration to the staff at ACE Clearwater’s metal forming.  She is firm, understanding, and results-focused.   Cathy truly is a team player, capable of pulling out the best in all who report to her and offering constructive guidance and thoughtful ideas to allow each individual to succeed and grow. She encourages continuing education, and follows through to make sure people are in the best positions for their experience. 

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