Anna Garrison
Manufacturing Engineer 2
Caterpillar Inc.
Peoria, IL

"Manufacturing is the fruit of innovation, and by keeping it in North America we are able to protect that innovation. I am proud to work at a plant that was recently opened in North America. We are placing jobs in our local economy while improving on existing processes and designs.”

Anna has been able to quickly come up to speed and demonstrate technical expertise to be successful in both roles she has held at Eaton and Caterpillar.  She was asked to take on significant responsibility early in her career and became a solid contributor based on her educational background, willingness to learn, and ability to coach others in the process.  While working in the Caterpillar Athens start-up facility, Anna was able to work effectively with multifunctional groups to accomplish changes while also using this layout change and process move project to pursue her Green Belt Certification. As a direct result of her efforts, velocity has increased in this former bottleneck area to meet growing build rates and ensure delivery to customers.   
In both roles at Eaton and Caterpillar, Anna was tasked with quickly coming up to speed on new processes and technology in order to help the company meet rapidly growing customer demand. She developed her skills in performance and noise vibration testing, became a Certified Quality Auditor, and learned different aspects of the automotive industry quickly in order to be an effective project manager while at Eaton. Anna has embraced the opportunity to learn and develop her problem solving and engineering skills, which is a key to her overall success.
Anna has a strong work ethic and displays excellent teamwork skills. She collaborates well with other functional groups to brainstorm solutions and ensure alignment.  Her interpersonal skills are an excellent complement to her technical acumen.  Caterpillar recognized these talents quickly, and awarded her the first Safety Spotlight Award for the Athens, GA Caterpillar Facility due to her commitment to safety and ergonomics.

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