Brenda Galindo
Material Planner
Lancer Corporation
San Antonio, TX

“Growing up in a family of mostly woman the one that stands out the most to me would be one of my older sisters, Wendy Galindo. She showed me to stand on my own two feet and not except defeat, to stand back up and try again.”

Brenda started her career at Lancer as an operator of Injection Molding machines in 2004. From the onset she showed great promise with her dedication and work ethic, but especially with her ability to think outside the box. She quickly rose through the ranks from operator, to shift lead, then on to material planner because of her unique skills and knowledge of the entire injection molding process. In this new role, Brenda applied those same talents by asking questions about the time-consuming process, including questioning long-standing procedures and systems.  This ultimately led to a revamping of the process itself, dramatically improved lead-time for customers, and better inventory control, all of which impact the bottom line.
Brenda not only accepts challenges, but looks for challenges that will benefit the company.  She is continually thinking about the process and how it can be improved.  She routinely finishes her work and goes looking for more.  As a result, whenever something comes up within the plastics department, Brenda is the resource to take the lead because her colleagues and management knows that she’ll be thorough, she’ll react quickly, and ultimately enhance efficiency.  She is also the “face” of plastics, having built excellent rapport with customers.  Brenda serves as an excellent role model of service and commitment for the plant.

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