Jodi Fultz
Superintendent - Manufacturing Engineering
General Motors
Flint, MI 

"My mother taught me to learn every day, believe in myself, and encourage others. She would ask, "What did you learn today?" Consequently I am more observant and a better listener. I appreciate that each person has something to share regardless of their educational or financial background, age, culture, or experience.”

Jodi has relied on her excellent team-building and coaching techniques to meet the aggressive quality goals for the Flint Metal Center.   Through a combination of collaborating with other shifts on error proofing and methodologies to improve risk, as well as finding strategies to engage all of her team members, Jodi and her group accomplished a 52% reduction in first time quality.  As the teams worked together, they gradually became more efficient on their problem solving.  Jodi was their champion throughout, and celebrated successes as they occurred.  Improved quality leads to improved throughput, which ultimately results in more opportunity for new business.
Jodi has served in a range of roles at locations both domestic and international, including a fellowship to study in Spain.  Personal circumstances resulted in her return home, and the outcome is her exceptional contribution to quality at the Flint center, an effort which has led to her role as a leader today.
Jodi has the ability to listen, coach effectively, and develop a team.  Tasked with a challenging assignment and diverse group, Jodi treated people with respect and developed a good relationship with her people and the United Auto Workers.   Under her leadership, the plant had a significant improvement in our "Workplace of Choice” survey and showed many more people were engaged in the business. The survey results were supported by performance. Jodi has shown that her people skills accomplish business results.

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