Rebecca Fitzpatrick-Yancey
Manager Environmental Specialist
Bayer MaterialScience
Baytown, TX

"I would encourage anyone considering a career in manufacturing to pursue a well-rounded education, at the level appropriate for their goals. The STEM subjects are very important, but we must not overlook the importance of communication and innovative thinking that can be enhanced by our study of language and arts.”

Rebecca has had a twenty-plus year career in manufacturing across a range of areas.  After starting her career as an industrial hygienist in the construction industry, she joined Bayer in 1999.  In 2007, Rebecca transitioned to the niche of environmental and regulatory affairs, where she was responsible for developing permit applications. Based on her success at the state level, she then advanced to the Federal level, performing Title V work. In 2011, Rebecca accepted the opportunity to work inside of one of Bayer’s manufacturing facilities as an Environmental Specialist where she is now responsible for applying her permit knowledge and ensuring compliance on a daily basis.  Rebecca has become a champion in support of Environmental Aspects & Impacts, systematically reviewing processes, products or activities, and determining how they impact the environment.
Rebecca attributes some of her passion for occupational and environmental health and safety to her childhood after her father passed from what her family suspected to be exposure to chemicals in the workplace.  With a BS in Biology and Master of Science in Public Health in Industrial Hygiene, Rebecca armed herself with the background to pursue those critical issues.  In the early years of her career, she revamped a plant-wide approach to training, and her skills in this area continue to serve her well today.
To be effective in the field of regulatory affairs requires not only knowledge of the complex constellation of rules and regulations, but also the ability to translate and apply them in daily practices.  Rebecca is effective at both.  Bayer emphasizes living LIFE values – Leadership, Integrity, Flexibility and Efficiency. Rebecca embodies all of these values, but especially Integrity as an absolute necessity in the regulatory environment.

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