Tina Featherstone
Business Analyst - Procurement Operations
ConMed Corporation
Largo, FL

"I am most proud of my role in my company’s implementation of Oracle. Change is difficult and the difference between our two systems was vast. I was able to help my team assimilate quickly without interruption to our supply chain.”

Over the last five years, Tina has been the key contributor in converting the purchasing business processes to an Oracle ERP system. This transition included defining requirements, development of procedures, developing specifications for reports, training employees worldwide, testing system changes and “patches,” and identifying changes to enhance efficiency. Tina was effective working with teams across regions and within her own group, and her efforts have resulted in an efficient, streamlined purchasing process.
Tina has spent much of her career as a purchasing professional. In 2008, she was assigned to the Oracle conversion project which required her to understand the system requirements and limitations. This is a significant task for someone never involved in a new system implementation and required dedicated effort, many times outside of normal business hours, to ensure all was on track to make a successful ERP conversion.
The success of Tina’s transition from purchasing professional to purchasing system expert is partly a result of her ability to listen and work well with many types of personalities and culture, both domestically and internationally.  Tina is very effective as part of a team, and has been the purchasing process expert in many Kaizen events over the last few years to review business processes that involve purchasing, such as receiving, accounts payable, etc. Tina is responsive to changes and new requirements and is effective in improving the efficiency of the system. She now has an exceptional blend of purchasing experience and systems experience.

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