Jill Erbrick
Project Engineer
Electroline Corporation
Pipersville, PA

"Don't be afraid to get dirty and ask questions. Use not only your brain but your hands. Manufacturing is one of the most rewarding, challenging and creative careers available. Education and hands-on experience are both essential to success in this industry.”

Jill recently re-joined Electroline Corporation from Carpenter Technology Corporation where she worked as a Metallurgist.  In her short tenure she has already had an impact by beginning to implement process control sheets and other lean manufacturing techniques to reduce redundancy and prevent loss of data. During her time at Carpenter, Jill held a range of positions. Some of her most notable work was completed under her mentor Greg Del Corso in the powder metallurgy alloy development group. Here Jill collaborated with a team to help develop a new non-magnetic, nitrogen-strengthened, austenitic stainless steel. She worked closely with the customer and was able to present them with positive results during their visit to the U.S. in May. The product is expected to be in full scale production by of the end of 2015, and has the potential to capture the oil and gas market for its improved tensile strength and corrosion resistance. 
Like many women working in the manufacturing industry, Jill has fought public perception about her choice of career starting in high school.  She channeled those comments and worked even harder to succeed and earn respect. Jill has become involved with STEM outreach programs associated through the Society of Women Engineers and American Society of Materials in an effort to encourage students to become engineers.
Jill brings a focused, tenacious persistence to all she does.  She is very curious and willing to explore options and take on additional responsibility.  Her friendly, energetic personality makes her a pleasure to work with, but her intellect is what sets her apart.

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