Reesie Duncan
Creative Director
Shaw Industries
Cartersville, GA

"I feel proud to work for a company that values and drives innovation and design. The environment of this creative spirit and a highly talented team have empowered us to win over a decade of design awards in the commercial design industry.”

Reesie has spent her 19-year career with Shaw, beginning in an entry-level position within the custom design group. She embraces the ideas of efficiency, consistency, and results as integral to Shaw’s success.  
As Reesie’s role grew, she knew she had to challenge the manufacturing mindset to drive innovation and growth. Earning the trust and respect of her colleagues, she pioneered new ways of doing things, demonstrating strong lateral influence to drive innovation through the manufacturing group, whose rewards are based more on production efficiencies than on innovative design. 
Reesie's vision and leadership transformed the brand from fast follower to first mover, appealing to the design community and creating demand for a more sophisticated and profitable product. Today, Shaw Contract Group is among the most recognized brands in the commercial interiors market and for the past two years has been identified in a Contract Magazine reader survey among the top 10 "Brands that Inspire."
Constant innovation and inspiration can be difficult to maintain, but Reesie has mastered both as evidenced by an unprecedented 13 consecutive years of Best of NeoCon Awards, the industry's top honor for innovation in product design. Reesie's work is aligned with the business objective of global brand consistency with local market relevancy. Her team develops innovative product for every world region with manufacturing facilities based in the U.S. and in China.
Reesie offers a unique blend of talents including creativity, technical skills, and business acumen.  She is equally comfortable talking with design leaders as she is collaborating on the plant floor or strategizing with the business team. 

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