Cheri Dubuc
BTEC Operations Manager
Baytown, TX

“My proudest achievement is the success that my operations team has achieved in the area of safety. The Technology Operations team's relentless pursuit of flawless operations and operational excellence have ensured our employees and contractors have gone home injury free for more than two years now; for this I'm proud.”

Cheri has achieved the honor of being the first female Baytown Technology and Engineering Complex operations manager.  After a seven-year career as a teacher, Cheri began an aggressive academic program to earn a master’s degree in Chemical Engineering in just two years. When complete, she began her career with ExxonMobil in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where through her positive work ethic, commitment to achieving operational excellence, and ability to get things done she earned a supervisory position in less than four years.   She continued honing her knowledge of the Manufacturing Industry processes and practices as well as leveraging her teaching skills to foster an employee team environment that promotes development, mentorship, and continuous learning and improvement. 
Cheri is relentless in her approach to personal safety in the workplace.  She is committed to ensuring teams have the appropriate training, resources, equipment and tools to complete their work in a safe manner every time. She demonstrates her commitment as a safety leader through her sponsorship and participation as a Contractor Safety Team member, working to remove barriers and create opportunities for the ExxonMobil and contractor workforces to share and collaborate on activities that promote work place safety. 
Cheri’s sincere interest in her people and her desire to see them excel and achieve their personal and professional goals is broadly acknowledged by her team. She holds everyone equally accountable to deliver on their commitments to the team, and speaks with people at all levels of the organization in a way that engages and empowers them to make a difference and drive change.

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