B.J. Dowlen
President / Founder
Bodyworks Enterprises, LLC
Brick, NJ

"To say I'm passionate about manufacturing is an understatement. By increasing training, we have the ability to provide people hope, real hope, for good jobs and better lives. So many lives can be changed for the better through manufacturing jobs.”

B.J. is committed to the design and manufacturing of products in the United States, something she became passionate about after working with businesses that heavily outsourced the manufacturing of their product.  In the meantime, she uncovered a need for a product that would alleviate some of the sore muscles created from working all day, or even sleeping badly.  The Bodyworks Ball is an innovative solution to this problem.  To produce the ball, B.J. formed a company and oversees all aspects of the manufacture, distribution, and sale of the product.  When her desire to have the ball produced in the U.S., preferably locally, was thwarted, B.J. got creative with her marketing and produced a short film to encapsulate the manufacturing challenges small business face in the US, especially the lack of skilled employees.
B.J. couples this effort with other educational outreach, including actively supporting the work of educators who are striving to develop new curricula about manufacturing for K-12 children and college students.  She speaks to a range of audiences about creating a competitive edge in the U.S. by learning advanced manufacturing techniques and has formed collaborations to help local talent take advantage of The Manufacturing Institute’s “Dream It. Do It.” program.  She is part of the plan to help create pathways for long term growth and success in manufacturing. 
B.J.  is selfless and community-oriented. She believes her success hinges on the success of others, and strives to ensure that each employee has access to what they need to thrive.  The final result is of benefit to all.

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