Jana Dorsey
Production Manager
O.C. Tanner
Salt Lake City, UT

“My role model is my husband Bill of 29 years of marriage and the proud business owner of Rags to Riches Interior, Inc. for 40 years. Until closing the doors in 2014 for retirement, Rags to Riches was the largest and most successful upholstery shop in the state of Utah.”

For more than three decades, Jana Dorsey has been a constant and trusted member of the manufacturing team at O.C. Tanner. From the beginning, Jana demonstrated a willingness to take on new challenges, and never settle for the status quo.  She started her career as a “gluer,” and worked her way up the management chain through increasingly responsible positions.  Jana approaches every day with creativity and originality, always looking for a way to improve on what took place the day before.  Through these efforts she’s inspired meaningful change, including driving production and impacting the bottom line.
Jana was awarded O.C. Tanner’s President Award for her work in enhancing the emblem manufacturing process to achieve business objectives.  As a result of her efforts, Jana was called upon to travel to company headquarters in both Canada and Europe to help them formalize their return processes.
What sets Jana a part from her peers within the manufacturing segment is not just her natural talent, but her determination and willingness to be a team player and take on new situations. She is a genuine go-getter who prides herself on openly embracing change, taking on difficult challenges, and building on those experiences as an opportunity to grow as a person and a valued member of the O.C. Tanner family.

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