Susan Dio
Head of Audit for Refining and Marketing
Houston, TX

“Manufacturing careers are challenging but deeply rewarding, and working with the technology teams creates powerful combinations. What we do is vital to all our lives, and the commitment to responsibly deliver them is critical to society.”

During her 30-year career at BP, Susan has exhibited leadership and excellence in the areas of manufacturing, HSSE and change management.   She has served in a range of roles across BP, including Works Manager and Business Unit Leader, where she developed skills in process engineering, production and commercial management.  Today she shares her knowledge across BP’s global portfolio as she leads the Refining and Marketing Audit function, sharing her expertise with her colleagues to ensure they can rigorously apply systemic processes and continue to improve.
Susan has a great breadth of experience and has faced a range of challenges, always working tirelessly with her team to deliver great outcomes.  She has set strategic direction and made difficult decisions based on her manufacturing experience and commercial knowledge. But it’s really the way that she consistently establishes clear context and engages others in a positive way that makes her unique in the field.
Susan leads and relates with people at all levels of the organization. She creates an atmosphere of teamwork and empowerment backed by processes and system that support them.  Susan is personally committed to improving operations and establishing an enduring safety culture. The ability to apply her skills in such a wide range roles is very special, but her emotional intelligence is what sets her apart as a great leader. She is looked to by others for advice and encouragement and is a great role model for other women in manufacturing roles in the company. 

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