Linda Diffley
Vice President and General Manager, Harsco Industrial Patterson-Kelley
Harsco Corporation
Camp Hill, PA

“Manufacturing has the ability to show very tangible and positive results from what is possible from the strong teamwork of technology and people. It is exciting to help develop improvements to manufacturing jobs that give employees a strong sense of accomplishment and pride in their work.”

Linda’s business acumen, effective management style, and impeccable work ethic were pushed to their limits in her first year as general manager of Harsco Industrial Patterson-Kelley, a company that had never been run by a woman in 135 years of existence.  Just one year later, the proof was in the numbers: revenue up 5.8 percent and operating income grew by 39 percent – achievements four times the industry average. 
She bucked tradition in her small town, where girls were not exposed to many career options, and pursued a degree in operations management, a tough road where she was often the only woman.  The trend continued in her early career with AT&T, where she found success by developing relationships.  Ultimately it was this skill, along with her business sense and ability to look objectively at operations and processes that served her while at AT&T and Lucent, and when she joined Harsco Industrial Patterson-Kelley.
Linda’s professionalism and drive to improve coupled with her genuine concern for the welfare of her colleague’s sets her apart. In addition to posting record numbers last year and following up with a solid performance heading into the end of 2014, Linda’s focus on continuous improvement has earned accolades across the company. As the first female leader in PK’s history, Linda has taken on the role of mentor. She is enriching the company by ensuring there is another generation of leaders behind her, while forging personal relationships that are key to a healthy workplace.

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