Kathy Dibble
Quality Director
Prime Engineered Components
Watertown, CT

"Reflecting on my many years in this industry, the achievement I am certainly most proud of is my 25 years of employment at Prime. As a team member I have been able to contribute to the success and growth of our company and our industry.”

Kathy was instrumental to the creation of a culture of quality, backed by quality systems and support, in her 25 years at Prime.  She is seen as a thought leader in the industry, sitting on boards that can influence direction, setting standards and guiding others.  Sales, productivity, and quality continue to grow at Prime where an investment in quality has helped the company recover from the 2009-2010 market downturn.
Kathy had always been committed to making a difference through improved operations.  Snubbed for this role by Prime, she went to Pitney Bowes where she became their first female inspector.  She expanded her knowledge base and developed skills she would later use on her return to Prime. She also returned to school to strengthen her skills.  With this experience, Kathy returned to Prime as a quality manager, where she continues to enjoy broad influence and the opportunity to help keep Prime an employer of choice by providing training and support to shop employees. 
Kathy is passionate about what she does, and has the support of management in accomplishing her goals.  Her can-do attitude has become pervasive in Prime’s corporate culture.  She thrives on the ever-changing process, and revels in the opportunity to deliver and improve.  As a result, her customers, managers, and those who work with her have come to expect only the best.

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