Stacey DelVecchio
Additive Manufacturing Product Manager
Caterpillar Inc.
Mossville, IL

“As an engineer, I find it incredibly rewarding to design something and then work in the shop to see my something being made. Today's shop is clean and bright and hi-tech and an exciting place to be. With so many skills needed in manufacturing, there's something for everyone.”

Stacey has demonstrated her in-depth technical knowledge, her product and process management skills, and her leadership talents across a range of critical roles throughout her 27-year career.  From starting up a green facility in China to being on the forefront of  rolling out 6 Sigma  to managing a mission-critical upgrade to a line of engines, Stacey and her team routinely deliver on-time, on-budget, and with exceptional client and employee satisfaction.
Stacey is an enthusiastic supporter for girls and women in the STEM fields and is the immediate past president of the Society of Women Engineers. In this capacity, she had a platform to advocate for women in engineering and manufacturing on multiple levels, and was effective in promoting a new message of diversity.  Stacey carried this message to audiences at the North American FabTech Expo, the Big M Conference, the STEM Connector Summit, the North American Gender Summit, the Closing the Gap Conference, the WomenSphere Conference, and the World Federation of Engineering Societies. She testified for the Senate STEM Education & Workforce Caucus and has advocated for diversity in STEM with her congressional members on multiple occasions.  She also worked within Caterpillar to emphasize the need for professional development, inclusion, and flexibility for women already on the job, and to help management focus on retention programs that work.
Stacey is extremely passionate about Caterpillar, engineering, and the Society of Women Engineers, and she enjoys sharing those passions. Stacey’s enthusiasm and communication style are extremely effective in getting others energized and on-board.

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