Terri DeRoin
Production Manager
Phoenix Closures, Inc.
Davenport, IA

"It has always intrigued me as to how things were produced, from their start to the finish. Also, to know that the product was being produced in the United States.”

Terri has been instrumental in growing the Davenport Phoenix Closures plant over the past 15 years, wearing many hats and demonstrating commitment to the company and her team.  Early on, Terri established efficient routines and plant procedures that continue to be used today. She was critical to the plant Interstate Milk Shippers certification process and Nestle certification process, without which that business would have gone elsewhere.
In 2008 Terri was promoted to production manager. Her dedicated effort and results-orientated management style made her a great fit for the future of the facility, which more than doubled total production in three years. This increase in capacity was instrumental to the corporation’s future and success during the economic downturn. She now manages 60 employees and oversees the production of 37 machines in the Molding and Lining/Assembly departments. She is responsible for the direction of the Continuous Improvement initiative in the plant which has enhanced quality, employee safety, and reduced manufacturing costs. 
Terri has excelled in a male-dominated industry, earning trust and inspiring commitment through her fair approach and nurturing personality.  She has cultivated productive relationships within and across departments, and her approach to scheduling and customer service is implemented as a model in other plants.
The success of her personalized leadership is evidenced by the Davenport facility’s high morale and low employee turnover. The corporate staff and the Iowa plant team have the utmost respect and confidence in Terri and appreciate the sense of collaboration they feel with her at the helm.

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