Sherry DePerno
Advanced Tool Inc.
Marcy, NY

“I am passionate about manufacturing because it touches almost every aspect of life. I love my job! My products (end mills) are used to manufacture anything from implants that go inside the human body, to jet engine parts, to security screws securing the Declaration of Independence.  It's pretty darn exciting.”

As President and CEO, Sherry has expanded Advanced Tool Inc.’s business not only nationally, but globally.   After purchasing the business from her parents in 2007, Sherry saw a need for expansion to keep the business going.  She was instrumental in the development of Wear Analysis™, an innovative and unique concept to the cutting tool industry, not being sold or offered by any other cutting tool manufacturer.   
Sherry recognizes the lack of qualified workers for skilled manufacturing jobs and takes an active role in addressing this issue by promoting the industry in national publications, taking part in industry and educational conferences and committees, and by building a step-by-step training curriculum from the ground up at her facility. 
Sherry has a vision to create a CNC end mill manufacturing training center, partnering with local educational institutions to bring the vision to reality. She regularly participates in manufacturing day events, conferences, and workshops as a keynote speaker and panelist. She contributes to technical articles in national magazines such as Cutting Tool Engineering and MICRO Manufacturing.  Colleagues call her a “spitfire” and a “dynamo.” In May 2014, the U.S. Small Business Administration honored Sherry with an SBA Small Business Excellence Award.
Sherry is also the founder and executive director of ALS of Utica, she volunteers for other community and charitable organizations, and mentors owners of small businesses and start-ups.  She recently graduated from the SBA Emerging Leaders executive-level entrepreneurship training initiative, a very competitive, highly selective program.

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