Katie Davis, PE
Director of Engineering, Enterprise Engineering
Ingersoll Rand 
Davidson, NC 

"Manufacturing encompasses the needs of a customer, the vision of a development team, and the physical manifestation of a product to create value in everyday life. My passion for manufacturing is driven by the opportunities that the industry provides in delivering a positive impact on advancing the modern world.”

Katie leads a diverse team in the areas of component engineering, including parts and supplier rationalizations, and value analysis/value engineering (VAVE) process development as director of engineering, Corporate Engineering group, Ingersoll Rand.   Among other achievements, Katie’s leadership has made a significant contribution through the development of a standardized process for planning and executing productivity projects.   Katie has served in a series of progressively responsible roles, each asking her to apply her technical skills and stretch her interpersonal and management talents.  In each case, she’s been able to accomplish business objectives and deliver exceptional results.
Prior to working at Ingersoll Rand, Katie worked for the United States Air Force where she served as a technical design authority. After leading an investigation of a specific critical incident, she developed a strong desire to move to a manufacturing role where she believed she could utilize her experience to positively influence manufacturing standards.  Katie and her team know they must be the best and must never underestimate the value of qualified manufacturing processes and the habitual use of standard work.
Katie is also an exceptional communicator who brings determination, perseverance and a desire for knowledge to every position she takes.  Her strength as a communicator resulted in Ingersoll Rand asking her to take on the position of director of communications, a role typically not filled by someone trained as an engineer.  She is deeply invested and cares about each and every person on her team, and works hard to earn the trust and respect of others.  Katie also shares her talent and passion with young students, hoping to instill a love of learning and science at an early age.  She believes an investment in children is the key to America’s future.

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