Annette Crandall
Quality Assured Plastics, Inc.
Lawrence, MI 

“Mother Teresa had the wonderful ability to see through unimportant details, getting to the heart of a situation, person, or need. She then did whatever she could, or recruited the people needed, to solve or meet it. People followed her because she lead by example, doing important work.”

Annette is president of Quality Assured Plastics, Inc., a family-owned plastics company. She began her career working in the administrative division of another plastics company, and realized there was a need for a manufacturing facility in her hometown of Lawrence. Together with seven family members, Annette began evaluating the feasibility of starting their own injection molding plastics plant. Her initial plans of starting up a new $5 million 12-press injection molding operation were rejected by every bank in the area. She shifted gears, modified the plan, borrowed significantly less ($30K) and started manufacturing in an old abandoned canning factory utilizing used machinery.  
Annette was instrumental in many aspects of the fledgling business, from writing the bylaws, incorporating the business, working with the financial institutions to constructing the business plan, and working as a key member of the management team overseeing the day to day operations.  Annette now provides leadership not only as president, but also in human resources and finance, and that meager beginning has grown into a $5M+ operation in a new facility, providing jobs to over 50 people.
Over 28 years in business, Annette has matured into a strategist, visionary, and leader. She takes her talents outside the business to help the community at large, including designing and coordinating a business park and assisting in funding a new water tower.  She continues to be very involved as a community leader, both in business and ministry efforts. She believes that business and community should work synergistically to help each other, and leads efforts to accomplish that.

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