Carol Craig
Founder and CEO
Craig Technologies
Cape Canaveral, FL

"Manufacturing is a very diverse career field. There are many opportunities to become involved both on the production floor and off. Strength in the STEM subjects are critical, but it's also important to have interpersonal skills and find a role that will bring out your natural talents and passion.”

Carol is an “unconventional” CEO at the helm of Craig Technologies, a business closing in on $45M a year in revenues.  In 1999, Carol incorporated her small engineering and technical services business to meet the needs of her Department of Defense customers.   During the economic downturn in 2011, she diversified the business into manufacturing following the end of NASA’s Shuttle program.   
Because of Craig Technologies' exceptional performance on contract with NASA and government partners, Carol was able to negotiate a five-year unfunded Space Act Agreement (SAA) with NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in June 2012 to operate, maintain and store an inventory of over 1,600 pieces of specialty manufacturing and test equipment once used to process NASA’s Space Shuttle fleet and space-bound payload components at the former NASA Space Shuttle Logistics Depot (NSLD). 
Carol has a talent for turning adversity into an asset and has pioneered her own methods to achieve success, relying on reputation and unique ‘people-first’ culture to attract new business.  She is personally involved in civic and economic development activities that guide business and manufacturing policy development, and Craig Technologies is a supporting member of a wide range of trade groups.  The company’s ambitious foray into manufacturing has led to a host of recent accolades to include the 50 Fastest Growing Woman-Owned Businesses (ranked sixth) by Women Presidents Organization/American Express Open in 2013.
Additionally, Carol reaches out to other women and young girls through active involvement in organizations that encourage growth and development of woman-owned businesses and entrepreneurship. 

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