Danica Chin
Process Engineer II
Bayer MaterialScience
Sheffield, MA

“I am most proud of receiving my B.S.E in Chemical Engineering. I struggled with an anxiety disorder throughout my undergraduate career. Despite being told by a professor that I would not make it, I did, triumphantly. I hope my story of perseverance inspires others to overcome their obstacles as well.”

Danica has a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Connecticut and joined Bayer MaterialScience Sheffield as an entry-level engineer intern during the summer of 2013. She continued to work full time in the Process Engineering and Maintenance Group since then as a contract engineer before being hired as a BMS Sheffield employee in August 2014.  Danica is a quick learner and has had a significant impact in her short time at the site.  She has become the site expert on P&ID software, and has designed, led, and implemented a solution that decreased down-time and increased production.
Danica’s drive, her ability to juggle many activities, and her sense of responsibility developed as a young child when she was put in a position of leadership in her family after her mother passed.  Spring boarding from her experiences, Danica focused her energy on helping others overcome hurdles through STEM education as a founding member of a charter chapter of Engineering Ambassadors at UConn.  During her first year, she helped recruit 150 volunteers to work with students from pre-k to 12th grade, both on campus and through community outreach.
Danica is in her fourth year of working as an Ambassador. She enjoys it so much that she continues to volunteer on weekends or evenings to stay involved, including giving tours to new potential UConn students or talking with prospective students.   She genuinely wants to help others succeed and is an outstanding role model to young learners.

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