Lindsey Chapman
Kansas City Rotary Packing ODM
Procter & Gamble
Kansas City, KS

“Manufacturing is where the value is added. It’s fast paced, demanding, decisions have to be made quickly, and solutions have to be developed and implemented immediately. It brings me satisfaction to build capability in my organization and see them flourish and deliver results that make their lives better.”

Lindsey is the Operation Department manager for the Rotary Packing Department at the Kansas City site. She has led her department to delivery of record production results, including best ever process reliability and line stops.  Lindsey and her team accomplished these results while increasing the line speeds by 6% - making her lines the fastest rotary filling lines in the company. 
Lindsey has had a unique set of experiences in her 10-year career with P&G.   She chose to develop broad knowledge across several different businesses and disciplines. Moving from the hair care business, where she learned basic manufacturing skills, to the laundry business, where she refined her manufacturing operations skills, to the supply network operations to learn production planning, Lindsey built skills she would take to increasingly responsible roles.  Lindsey was able to bring this breath of experience and skills to Kansas City in the hand dishwashing business, where she excelled as the Operation Department manager for the most critical department on site delivering record production results. 
She is viewed as a master of both operational systems and supply network systems. Lindsey has a huge capacity to get work done and sets a strong example for work ethic in her organization. She communicates confidently with her peers and is skilled at analyzing data in a way to make an effective argument. Lindsey’s leadership is evident beyond the walls of her own department.  She also offers her leadership talents on the Autonomous Maintenance and Supply Network pillar, on the site Department Managers Leadership Team, and on the Productivity Improvement planning and tracking for the KC site. 

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