Kristie Chapman 
Director of Operations
Danaher- Kavo Kerr Group                                     
Charlotte, NC

Kristie has been in the manufacturing industry for more than 15 years. She was given a full scholarship to Tennessee Technological University from an engineering company. Upon graduation in 2004, Kristie worked in a training program for Cooper Industries (Alabama) and was one of 20 candidates selected for their two-year Operation Leadership Program.  Because of her strong leadership skills, Kristie was asked to transfer to Cooper’s plant in Juavez, Mexico, to be their lean manufacturing expert.  She faced communication and cultural challenges that ultimately brought out a passion for working with her hands, building a team atmosphere, and learning new processes.
Kristie is one of the youngest female manufacturing managers in her field at Danaher. In 2011 and 2014, Kristie’s plant was credited as most improved in the entire organization. She applied Danaher Business System tools to run Kaizan events, implement process improvements, be leader on the floor, and instill values.  Her actions contributed to Danaher’s progress in a variety of ways including increased economic performance, stimulation of growth, increased sales capacity, added jobs, and increased sales revenue. 
She is an exceptional person who enjoys her work environment and strives to make work a fun place to be. Kristie is an outstanding leader, pushing her 75 to 100 employees to their highest potential. She is a great communicator, creating relationships and buildings rapport with her entire team. She is a dedicated leader who works hard and leads by example.

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