Stephanie Cameron
Community Affairs Director
Tulsa, OK

“Manufacturing is truly an industry where you can make your own path. Being part of an industry that makes and creates things is a special feeling. There is an incredible amount of opportunity for a person to grow and advance in the field.”

As our communications director, Stephanie has been instrumental in helping us find, recruit, and keep highly qualified professionals.  She understands how manufacturing has changed, and the importance of communicating the new reality.  Stephanie is excellent at recruiting teachers and students and leading them on many tours of manufacturers in our region. She became aware of The Manufacturing Institute's Dream It. Do It. program and worked to get it going in Northeastern Oklahoma;  she is now the executive director for the local Dream It. Do It. program.  
Stephanie brings her youth and enthusiasm to help promote careers in manufacturing.   She is a leader within the active Tulsa Young Professionals, where she has the opportunity to lead meetings and give presentations to large, interested groups where she works to advance the profession.
Stephanie works tirelessly, and has worked hard to obtain the technical knowledge she needs to be credible in her role. She is extremely well-informed, offers a fresh perspective, and has made the effort to complete process improvement training (ISO, Lean) that promotes her understanding of the need for this type of improvement.  She is a partner in helping our industry to overcome complacency and improve so that we can compete in a global market.  Stephanie embraces the challenge and inspires those around her with her enthusiasm, insight, and drive.

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