Marcia Brey
Plant Manager - Bottom Freezer Refrigeration
GE Appliances
Louisville, KY

"Growing up, my role model was astronaut Sally K. Ride. I loved the idea of exploring the unknown and the challenge of living in space. My mom encouraged me to write to NASA, and I was ecstatic when Sally personally wrote me back. I had her picture on the wall in my room for a long time. I knew at that time I wanted to pursue a career in math and science.”

 Marcia has had a distinguished career full of many noteworthy accomplishments, most recently leading the plant to a historic year in terms of performance, including reducing scrap by 40%, implementing over 100 quality projects, improving the service call rate by 24%, and improving factory yield by 31%.  
She has a varied and non-traditional career path. Marcia joined GE on the Early Identification (EID) co-op program and was then selected for the Edison Engineering Leadership Program after completing her M.S. in Mechanical Engineering. She continued down a traditional design engineering path until 1994 when she veered into the commercial world and took a Six Sigma Black Belt role in e-Business initiatives. From here, she continued in a range of roles on the commercial side, then moved to distribution, and finally into manufacturing. These varied experiences make Marcia the multi-dimensional leader she is today, always focused on the customer and consumer, and with Six Sigma tools to make her an outstanding process improvement expert.
Marcia is a unique leader because of her ability to relate to people. From the factory floor to the executive leadership team, Marcia treats everyone with respect and is willing to be a humble listener and an advocate for employees. She is committed to service both within and outside of the organization, including serving on the executive board for the American Red Cross – Kentucky Region and volunteering as the Administration Council leader at her church.  She is a role model not only for young women just beginning their careers in supply chain but for all who strive to be inspirational leaders.

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