Reina Brenn
Reliability Specialist - Asset Life Cycle Management
Bayer MaterialScience
Baytown, TX

“My parents each have important qualities I aspire to. My dad encouraged me in math and science, showing me the value of being inquisitive and inventive. My mom excelled in her career while raising three children, imparting the importance of working efficiently, leading by example, and challenging the status quo.”

Reina quickly established herself as a key player in the isocyanates area of the Reliability Improve Department at Bayer MaterialScience, completing defect elimination training and moving on to the Lean-Six Sigma process. With this training, her technical background, and her leadership skills, she has applied herself to numerous root cause analyses, identifying over $3M in annual improvement opportunities through various investigations.  She continually asks questions and challenges the status quo in an effort to improve efficiency and find solutions.
Reina has excelled in her turnaround role providing engineering support to the night shift, despite being immersed in a completely new, male-dominated, and extremely fast-paced project execution environment.  She immediately demonstrated leadership skills becoming a respected member of the team, and primary resource for technical issue resolution.  She met challenges head on, took feedback in stride, and adapted to changing demands. Following the successful execution and startup of all units involved, Reina was recognized by her team and supervision for exceeding expectations for her role in the Turnaround.
In addition to her own development, Reina also enjoys helping others succeed. She demonstrates this through her involvement with the talent management group and mentoring programs, including co-leading the internship program and mentoring high school students to promote their success on a STEM track.  Through her varied roles and responsibilities, Reina has demonstrated a commitment to the values embraced by Bayer and an exceptional performance for this early stage of her career.

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