Ursula Bongiovanni
Innovative Automation, Inc.
Romulus, MI
"Founding Innovative Automation, Inc.! IA was founded from ground up by myself and my husband, Mike. We have worked very hard to turn IA into the successful business that it is today. IA is a shining example that, with a strong vision and good execution, anything is possible!”

Ursula founded Innovative Automation in 2000, and her strategic approach to consulting, business growth, and hiring have made the company competitive in the industry and have positioned it for greater growth.  Founded primarily as a consulting and analysis business, Ursula realized the need to expand beyond her specific areas of expertise and broaden the company’s commercial offerings to maximize growth.
Ursula built the business in part based on the in-depth experience she developed in a range of engineering and management roles at General Motors.  Her exceptional work ethic and commitment to learning and contributing had quickly made her an asset early in her career despite the fact that she was one of a few women working on the factory floor.  Her passion for starting a business that would provide manufacturing engineering and equipment development services to other organizations, especially those that were too small to have these functions internally, eventually led her to found Innovative Automation.
Ursula commands the respect of peers and employees through her passion and tireless commitment to doing excellent work.  The culture of her organization reflects her vision and approach, and is a testament to how highly regarded she is.  With her thorough knowledge of manufacturing processes she is able to lead in a way that rewards her employees for their effort because they know how thoroughly she understands and appreciates their work.

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