Marilyn Blaschke
Director of Quality
Baker Hughes
Sugar Land, TX

“I am passionate about manufacturing because it is practical application of science. Throughout my career I have been in product design, technical support and manufacturing for our chemical products. I find it very satisfying to see a product design brought through the manufacturing process to customer delivery.”

Marilyn has leveraged her unique insight into customer needs to standardize quality processes and improve quality overall at Baker Hughes.  She manages a global quality organization that resulted from the combination of many companies merged together over time. She has worked to identify best practices and introduce those practices across the entire organization, providing training and guidance to approximately 18 different laboratory facilities.  The result is unparalleled consistency that drives exceptional quality.
Marilyn has served Baker Hughes in a variety of positions throughout her career, almost all with a direct or indirect impact on manufacturing. Through her leadership, Baker Hughes has seen an increase in customer confidence across all manufactured products.
Marilyn offers a unique ability to grasp complex concepts and explain them in understandable terms, which allowed her to transform the manufacturing quality control system into a real partner providing quality control and assurance.   She has a way of energizing her teams and driving performance to new levels. As the manufacturing quality team has increased their performance level, she is now expanding her own areas of influence to provide quality management services to the entire organization, including sales and services. She is respected by her peers and recognized as a champion of a total quality product.

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