Janet Bills
Production Manager
O.C. Tanner
Salt Lake City, UT

“I love working with people and helping them grow to their full potential. Manufacturing lets you create something then spend your time and effort making that something better and better in an effort to exceed the expectations of the customer.”

Janet is a thirty-year member of the O.C. Tanner family who has been instrumental in improving all aspects of the manufacturing process.  Recently, her team has improved efficiency by over 20%, maintaining an exceptional level of quality with fewer people.  She is systematic and thorough in her research to introduce and implement new processes and has achieved excellent results.
Janet is highly regarded for her high level of focus, dedication, and commitment both to her job and the people that she works with.   She is inspired and driven by her desire to learn every technical detail of her manufacturing responsibilities, as well as always be considered a valued employee and a trusted manager.  From the beginning of her career, Janet demonstrated a willingness to accept new challenges and accomplish results.
She works with a diverse staff from all over the world, and she truly loves to hear their stories, learn about their passions and interests, be a listening ear, and above all teach them to have the courage to take on and solve complex problems.  She takes pride in empowering her team to take ownership of their responsibilities and to listen to their thoughts and ideas on how to improve the manufacturing process. 
Throughout her career Janet has demonstrated a unique ability to learn new and complex manufacturing operations, and use her extensive experience as a resource and tool for teaching others how to deliver great work.

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