Sailaja Bhaskar
Executive Director - Clinical Research
Noven Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Miami, FL

“Since work fills such a large part of our time, keeping an open mind and doing one’s best will enable them to adapt well to the ever-changing world of manufacturing. 'Do it right the first time' is an invaluable concept in the manufacturing industry.”

 Sailaja brings 20 years of experience, a vast knowledge of clinical research and operations, an excellent work ethic, and exceptional tenacity and scientific acumen to her role as the executive director - clinical research for Noven Pharmaceuticals.  Over her tenure she’s assembled a team of 13 motivated individuals, nine of whom are women, who share her vision of excellence and have accomplished many successes. In 2009, Sailaja received Noven’s Breakthrough Achievement Award for Execution of the Brisdelle Phase 2 Clinical Program. This award is Noven’s highest and most prestigious employee award and recognizes groundbreaking achievements and extraordinarily high levels of performance toward the achievement of Noven’s Mission, while consistently exemplifying Noven’s Values. 
Sailaja credits her parents with giving her the opportunity to step outside of the traditional expectations of her small town in India and pursue her love for science through education.  She excelled in the academic world and eventually came to the United States to earn her masters and doctorate degrees.
Sailaja is enthusiastic, ethical, persistent, detail-oriented, self-confident, and highly motivated. She enjoys challenges and works tirelessly to solve problems. She adapts well to changing situations and is instrumental in helping her team navigate change by motivating them toward new goals and opportunities in support of the business.   Sailaja demonstrates her commitment to education and mentoring by working with adolescents and young adults (especially girls) to realize their full potential including resume development, job interview prep, office etiquette, etc.

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