Brittany Berreth
Senior Presort Manager
Paramount Citrus
Delano, CA

"Life in manufacturing requires the ability to model the way, to be a team player, and to be a patient active listener with your team. Some decisions need to be made on the go, and that takes practice. When you feel like quitting, ask for help and don't give up!”

Brittany effectively manages more than 300 people to deliver exceptional quality and performance for three areas of Paramount Citrus' Presort department.  As part of the start-up team for the facility, Brittany quickly realized that operator and lead training would be integral to production success.  She took the initiative on developing and delivering in-depth training, implemented a coaching workshop and other certification modules, and installed a conflict-free peer-to-peer review process.  Through her leadership, training, restructuring and the implementation of LEAN practices, production OEE went from mid 50% to mid 60%, and Warehouse FIG improved by 60%.
From the beginning of her career, Brittany determined that demonstrating a mindset of continuous improvement and holding each person accountable would help build her credibility and rapport.  From those early days, she emphasized treating people with respect, listening, and fairness, qualities she values in her relationships today.
Brittany is a risk-taker, focused on the value of the endeavor.  Once she identifies a business outcome, she is thoroughly committed to taking the steps to accomplish it.  She believes in sharing the spotlight with others, and is effective at stepping back and giving credit where appropriate.  She is an effective collaborator in both a team setting and one-on-one, demonstrating good listening skills and the willingness to share her thoughts.  She leads by doing, consistently implementing the approaches, skills, and techniques she desires from other.

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