Divya Behl
Director of Operations and Industrial Engineering
Driv-Lok, Inc.
Sycamore, IL

“I believe manufacturing is the key to prosperity for a country and its people. It is the pathway for job and personal wealth creation. In the U.S., for every one job in manufacturing, an additional 4.6 jobs are created with an average salary of $77,000 with 90% carrying medical benefits.”

Divya is leading the charge on creating a new way of thinking in an Operations environment that hasn't changed much in the last 75 years. She is leveraging her background and doctoral work in systems engineering to look at the entire manufacturing system in a completely new way and optimize the company’s high-mix, high volume situation, reshaping company wide processes and developing a training strategy to support the effort.  As a female director of operations and engineering leading a long-tenured team through a time of great change, Divya has faced many challenges. She quickly established credibility within the plant by giving people a voice.  She used that input to craft a plan to make improvements that affect both people and processes, as well as meet carefully devised business objectives.  Her continued success comes from her ability to bring together the old and the new to produce a greater outcome. She recognizes the value seasoned workers bring, and is effective in capitalizing on that to move the business forward. 
Divya offers a unique blend of technical acumen and business savvy.  She is a big-picture thinker who is skilled at devising strategy that fills market needs.  She is an exceptional innovator and leader, demonstrating her adaptability and communication skills as she works with individuals from the shop floor all the way to staff as the head of operations and a member of the executive team.   Divya is a relentless problem-solver who never loses sight of the desired outcome, benefiting the people she works with and the bottom line.  

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