Gabriela Beasley
Sr. Production Manager
Paramount Citrus
Delano, CA

"I am most proud of being able to succeed in three different countries, overcoming challenges such as being far away from my beloved family or adjusting to new cultures: giving me the opportunity to learn every day from different people that have made me the woman I am today.”

Gabriela focuses on people first in her role as a senior packing manager for Paramount Citrus in Delano, Ca.   Managing a team of more than 700 employees supporting eight pack lines on two shifts, she emphasizes continuous training and development  to ensure efficiency.  During her time at Paramount Citrus, Gabriela has been instrumental in a range of training and development efforts, including developing Paramount’s Equipment Start-Up program by working with the vendor technicians and internal reliability team to identify and implement best practices.   She has driven efforts to develop and deliver workshops, leveraging her knowledge and skills to launch continuous improvement initiatives across the plant.  In a previous role, she was instrumental in promoting a highly effective Kaizen initiative, then taking that effort and introducing it to international locations, overcoming cultural barriers and delivering consistent results on-time and on-budget.
Gabriela is a motivator by nature, and is dedicated to the success and happiness of those she works with.  She is regarded as an exceptional listener, as well as a visionary, effectively taking feedback and morphing it into goals and strategies.  Vendors appreciate her straightforward communication style and her ability to troubleshoot.  She is an effective multitasker who balances production and high priority initiatives without allowing one to benefit at the expense of the other. This makes her unique among her peers and an asset to her division.

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