Patricia Bator
Manager, Design Engineering
The Babcock & Wilcox Company 
Barberton, OH

"Manufacturing is the backbone of a successful economy fueling innovation, creativity and vision. In a manufacturing industry you can develop a product from conceptualization through fabrication to final use. A career in the field of manufacturing is rewarding allowing you to work with people across different areas of a company.”

Pat has demonstrated exceptional communication and organizational skills in her thirty-year career at Babcock & Wilcox, where she is currently the manager of design engineering at the Nuclear Operations Group  facility.  In a range of design leadership roles across divisions at Babcock & Wilcox, Pat has had the chance to use her unique ability to communicate technical concepts clearly and effectively to work with others to reach highly complex solutions.   From assistant designer to lead designer on a range of key prototypes over the years, Pat has combined her technical acumen with her team-building skills to produce results to impact the bottom line. 
Pat credits her parents with contributing to both her approach to life and her love for science and math.  From an early age she embraced the ideas that working hard, doing what’s good for others, and being involved with efforts you love are the way to a successful personal and professional life.
She is an effective mentor, honing her own skills as she helps others develop theirs.  She has forged exceptional internal and customer relationships that have worked to the benefit of the corporation as a whole.  Her dedication to the company, to her colleagues, and to women in manufacturing as a whole make her an excellent role model.

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