Kellie Ballew
Product Sustainability Manager
Shaw Industries Group Inc.
Dalton, GA

“One of the most inspiring women in my life was my maternal grandmother, Ms. Ethel Merchant. Born on a farm in Georgia during the turn of the 20th century, she insisted on finishing high school. She inspired me with her passion for education and supported my drive to study engineering.”

Kellie serves as a technical resource and inspirational leader at Shaw Industries. With over 19 years of progressively responsible experience in the carpet industry, she now has broad organizational influence as a leader on Shaw’s corporate sustainability team.  Kellie has had a range of roles in her career, perhaps none more challenging than being the only woman on a technical team responsible for expanding manufacturing to China.  She effectively overcame cultural barriers by forging relationships and demonstrating both her interpersonal and technical skills to result in a creative approach and flawless implementation, and a process that runs seamlessly to this day.
Kellie offers a depth of knowledge and an energy to apply that knowledge that is exceptional.  But perhaps more notable is her ability to channel and apply that knowledge.  Her expertise with the product chemistry affords her the unique opportunity to collaborate well with procurement, manufacturing technical, innovation, and other business segments to direct Shaw's optimization efforts for flooring products and processes.  She is an effective team player, and extremely approachable and humble; these characteristics result in her being a one-of-a-kind asset.

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