Ann Baldree
Vice President
Chaparral and Robalo Boats
Nashville, GA

"My father was my role model. His advice has guided me in my career. He advised me, 'Ann, do not be intimidated by others for no one is better than you, but never forget where you came from and that you are no better than those you meet.'"

Ann’s persistence and professionalism during her 33-year career have helped Chaparral and Robalo Boats grow revenues from 50 million dollars annually to over 200 million dollars.  Her passion for delivering exceptional quality service, her hard work, and her loyalty have made her successful in each role she’s had, including her current position as vice president of sales, providing insight to the company president and founder.
Ann has been instrumental in keeping the company successful in changing economies, and has championed the effort to support what she feels are the organization’s most important assets, its employees.  By updating pay standards and benefits, she helped the company demonstrate its commitment, which in turn allowed Chaparral and Robalo to weather a range of economic storms.  She has been a catalyst for support of Chaparral and Robalo’s dealer distribution network by supporting the company’s commitment to assist dealers during challenging economic ebbs and flows.
Ann has become a role model for women in the marine industry and beyond. She currently serves on the NMMA Boat Board, NMMA Mentor for Women, and local Chamber of Commerce. She was recently featured in an industry publication article in June entitled “Band of Sisters,” about key woman in the marine industry and how they have excelled in a male-dominant industry.  In 2008 Ann received the Darlene Briggs Marine Industry Women of the Year award, presented to a woman with long and devoted service, untiring commitment, and devotion to the advancement of women in the marine industry.

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