Michelle Anderson
Production Technician 2/ Continuous Improvement Resource Support
Harley-Davidson Inc.
Menomonee Falls, WI

"Serving in the United States Army for 8 years helped me learn self-discipline and taught me the value of life and how to adjust to changes.”

Michelle has been central to Harley-Davidson’s manufacturing transformation. She holds the unique role of Continuous Improvement Specialist for Harley-Davidson, a role that reflects the partnership agreement between Harley-Davidson and the local unions that allows for the creation of salaried workforce-type roles for hourly workers to accomplish specific tasks or work on special projects.   Michelle was integral to the adoption of many of the cultural changes that were identified as critical for helping to make the Harley-Davidson manufacturing transformation.  She has driven process discipline, and fostered an environment of learning and change through her efforts in leading training sessions, heading planning groups and logistics, and assisting in forums specifically designed around change management. 
As a change-agent, Michelle regularly faces resistance, but has the exceptional interpersonal, communication, and leadership skills to forge relationships and drive the desired result.  She leads by influencing rather than by authority.  Michelle is respected for both her extensive knowledge base and her highly approachable can-do attitude.  She works seamlessly with all levels of leadership, from upper management to factory floor staff, and demonstrates an outstanding ability to motivate and improve both people and processes.   She demonstrates her commitment to teamwork and to delivering exceptional quality to customers on a daily basis by setting a positive example, getting people the resources and information they need, and being future-focused.

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