Patricia Alred
Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices
Somerville, NJ

"Manufacturing is where all of the efforts and possibilities come together to deliver innovative and life saving products to our customers. I love knowing I have a direct impact on our patients by assuring they have a safe, high quality and reliable supply of products.”

Patricia is a recognized leader in the Johnson & Johnson Supply Chain community. From management of personnel and facilities to strategic business planning, she has thrived in a range of roles and responsibilities.  Currently leading a team of 600 located throughout the world, she sets strategy and is passionate about serving customers, patients, and her own employees.  She excels in collaborating, developing effective teams, and engaging employees, achieving unparalleled scores on the J&J Credo Survey, which is a leading indicator of employee perception.  The skills she gained while she completed her doctoral work in Sweden have transferred well to her international work today.  Patricia couples creative problem solving skills with a deep understanding of the products and processes she honed as a scientist and academic.
Patricia is a devoted advocate of talent development and women's leadership, actively participating in the Women's Leadership Initiative.  She is highly regarded as a mentor, helping to foster diverse talent in the supply chain community.  Patricia is also an avid learner. She is continually seeking ways to develop skills including participating in the Biopharm Leadership Development Program (BOLD) in 2007, the Smith College Executive Leadership Consortium in 2008, the STAR Executive Talent Development Program in 2011, and the JJSC Plant Leader Development Program in 2012.

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