Rebuilding U.S. Manufacturing through Education

The Manufacturing Institute and University of Phoenix have partnered to create and implement programs that provide educational pathways for manufacturing working learners.  This includes a scholarship program and a new Management degree program.  See below for additional details.


The Institute and the University of Phoenix have partnered to award thirty scholarships to individuals in the manufacturing sector over the last two years.  These scholarships offer the opportunity to pursue either a Bachelor's or a Masters degree.

See the 2013 Scholarship Award Winners 

See the 2012 Scholarship Award Winners

Degree Programs

The Bachelor of Science in Management with a concentration in Manufacturing Sector is an innovative degree program developed with the Institute. It bridges the concepts of strategic organizational management, microeconomics, supply chain management and leadership in manufacturing, and emphasizes a company’s need to grow and maintain a competitive workforce.

To help manufacturing employees advance in the field, we provide them with a personalized learning platform enriched by the experience of faculty who are national leaders in the manufacturing industry.  The professional knowledge, critical thinking and problem solving skills they will learn will further help them make a positive and measurable impact within manufacturing organizations. 

Because several University of Phoenix degree programs teach industry-identified competencies, this helps employers invest tuition assistance funds directly in relevant educational programs.  Manufacturing working learners enjoy the benefits of advancing their educational careers through degree programs endorsed by the industry.

Learners can receive credit for prior educational work  and achievement and may qualify for tuition reduction agreements  via educational partnerships between National Association of Manufacturers (NAM)-member companies and University of Phoenix.

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