With hundreds of thousands of open
manufacturing jobs, veterans are a great choice
for the in-demand, high-skilled careers
that manufacturers have to offer.

More than 80 percent of manufacturers report they cannot find people to fill their skilled production jobs. Meanwhile thousands of service men and women return home each month, possessing not only an unmatched work ethic but also rigorous technical training and experience. The Manufacturing Institute joined GE, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Alcoa and other partners to launch the Get Skills to Work coalition. The coalitions aims to train military veterans for advanced manufacturing careers, bolster the talent pipeline and enhance American competitiveness.

Get Skills to Work has a goal of helping 15,000 veterans translate their military experience to corresponding manufacturing opportunities and gain the technical skills needed to embark on careers in this growing sector. The coalition is seeking additional partners to meet its goal of reaching 100,000 veterans by 2015.

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