In partnership with Arconic Foundation, the Institute released a new guide to developing veteran manufacturing ambassadors. The guide, “SERVE, The Veteran's Guide to Becoming an Manufacturing Ambassador” is a guide for veterans on how to engage with fellow service members on the opportunities that manufacturing careers can offer, and includes sample marketing pieces and company best practices.

The Institute's employer playbook on hiring and retaining veterans, "From Military Front Lines to Manufacturing Front Lines: Veterans and Your Workforce," contains tips and best practices for manufacturers on resourcing, hiring and retaining veterans.


With hundreds of thousands of open
manufacturing jobs, veterans are a great choice
for the in-demand, high-skilled careers
that manufacturers have to offer.

More than 80 percent of manufacturers report they cannot find people to fill their skilled production jobs. Meanwhile thousands of service men and women return home each month, possessing not only an unmatched work ethic but also rigorous technical training and experience.


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