Eighty percent of the nation’s fastest growing careers require skills from the fields of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). How can we inspire all students—including those who are typically underrepresented in the STEM fields—to explore the careers of tomorrow? Research shows the most important determinant of a student pursuing STEM after high school is an interest in STEM upon entering high school.

At its core, the Manufacturing Institute is dedicated to bringing more men and women into modern manufacturing and improving the perception of the industry to engage today’s youth in tomorrow’s modern manufacturing careers. To help achieve this mission, the Institute has teamed up with education technology leader EVERFI to empower our future workforce with a digital STEM education course that introduces students to careers in modern manufacturing. Organizations can partner with EVERFI to private-label this learning technology in the schools and communities that matter most to them. EVERFI’s activation team will implement the custom-branded program in schools and provide detailed reporting on the impact of the program.

The course connects students’ interests—like music, design, and technology—to relevant modern manufacturing careers. The custom programs are implemented on behalf of organizations by a dedicated EVERFI team that provides critical skills education to 20,000 K-12 schools across the country. See how organizations get involved or connect with us for more information.

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