Today’s young people want to solve problems, start businesses, make waves, and make money.  But, to accomplish those things, they think they have to be surgeons, lawyers, or Steve Jobs.  They don’t understand that manufacturing careers offer real opportunities to do work that saves lives, puts men on mars, and creates our quality of life.

Many parents and schools do not encourage their kids to purse manufacturing careers either, resulting in a critical lack of understanding and interest among the next generation of talent. This is at a time when manufacturing could not need that talent more. 

The Manufacturing Institute is partnering with manufacturers and other stakeholders to recreate the perception of manufacturing in the eyes of students, parents, educators and the general public, so that manufacturers can attract the talent they need to grow.  Below is a current list of these activities:  

  • Dream It. Do It. - Dream It. Do It. is the national career awareness and recruitment program for manufacturers.  It includes national and local activities to engage, educate, and employ the next generation of skilled manufacturing talent.

  • Manufacturing Day - On the annual Manufacturing Day, manufacturers open their doors to their communities.  By hosting plant tours and other engagement activities, manufacturers expose students, parents, teachers, guidance counselors, and the general public to opportunities and realities of today's manufacturing industry.

  • Endeavor: STEM Career Exploration - Used by teachers in classrooms nationwide, Endeavor uses the power of technology and gamification to ignite student interest in STEM careers. Organizations private-label and sponsor Endeavor for schools in communities that matter most.

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