• What is the Dream It. Do It. network?

    The Dream It. Do It. network is a unique national network of professionals dedicated to engaging, educating and employing today’s students in modern manufacturing jobs while educating career influencers like parents and educators.

  • Why Dream It. Do It.?

    Dream It. Do It. is a versatile program that plays a different role for each of our partners within our network. The program successfully ties an organization’s initiatives together under a single, nationally recognized name and has been a channel for creating necessary partnerships with student organizations, elected officials and manufacturers. Dream It. Do It. is a useful tool for helping partners rejuvenate the image of manufacturing in their region and recruit the next generation of employees. 

  • Who are the target markets for the Dream It. Do It. program? 

    Dream It. Do It. is meant to promote manufacturing to three distinct target markets: students, and their career influencers, parents and educators. We have successfully produced resources and collateral focused on engaging those markets, and our network has created a broad range of tools and materials to help simplify that process for new partners. The Manufacturing Institute will assess with you exactly the populations you want to target and impact and advise on the best messages to impact your targeted audience.

  • How does Dream It. Do It. measure success? 

    We ask that our Dream It. Do It. executives participate in metric tracking to enable us to increasingly understand the impact of the program. Our metric reporting system is a digital process that asks for achieved exposure through different activities within different target populations. 

  • How does an organization join the Dream It. Do It. network?

  • Your first step is to let us know of your interest by reaching out to the Dream It. Do It. Network Senior Director, Kevin Scott. The Dream It. Do It. program operates under an annual subscription model with a $5,000.00 fee for state programs and a $3,000.00 fee for regional programs per year.

To join the initiative, please contact Kevin Scott.

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