Dream It. Do It. is the grassroots authority on influencing the perception of manufacturing careers by leveraging local, regional and statewide strategic partnerships to attract and recruit a qualified manufacturing workforce pipeline.

As the authority on the attraction, qualification, and development of world class manufacturing talent, The Manufacturing Institute took action and launched the Dream It. Do It. network. Unique to other efforts, Dream It. Do It. offers local manufacturers, schools, community-based organizations and other stakeholders the opportunity to partner with a respected national platform to promote manufacturing as a top tier career choice in the United States.

Recognizing that there is no “one size fits all” solution, Dream It. Do It. comprises of a network of industry leaders that engineer pro-manufacturing activities customized to local, regional and statewide needs. Subscribers to the Dream It. Do It. network utilize a nationally recognized brand, a robust support network, and the leverage of The Manufacturing Institute’s affiliation with the National Association of Manufacturers to attract and recruit the next generation of qualified manufacturing workers.

Benefits of a Dream It. Do It. Subscription 

  • Access to a robust network of industry leaders who share common goals and can help provide solutions to challenges.
  • Connections to nationally renowned youth partnerships and development programs that can further on-the-ground efforts in your state.
  • Access to dual track technical assistance that facilitates the launch of your program and its continued development and growth. This includes a quick start guide, orientation package and bi-monthly network webinars.
  • Trademarked and professionally-developed creative material designs and collateral, grounded in over 10 years of research. Collateral is focused on attracting students to manufacturing and can be customized to reflect your regional activities.
  • National visibility and support through the efforts of the Manufacturing Institute and the National Association of Manufacturers. 
  • Invitation to the Dream It. Do It. Collaborative Learning Conference, an annual convening of Dream It. Do It. subscribers which provides opportunities to network with peers, share best practices, identify challenges and speak to accomplishments. Experts in fields essential to leading a successful Dream It. Do It. program are brought to work with the network.


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