The Manufacturing Institute recognizes that men and women who serve in the military receive exceptional training and develop strong skills sets, many of which are directly related to manufacturing.  The Institute has worked with several branches of the military and the White House to connect transitioning servicemembers to the numerous open manufacturing jobs in the United States.  On June 1, 2012, the White House announced the following:

  • Through a partnership between Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and the Manufacturing Skills Standards Council (MSSC), each Service will conduct a pilot for a limited number of service members to achieve industry-recognized credentials that can support a transition from military service to frontline jobs in the growing fields of advanced manufacturing and logistics. Service members participating in the pilot will have the opportunity to earn these credentials free of charge. The services will partner with MSSC to explore how opportunities for these credentials can be integrated into the services’ existing training programs and expanded to the larger pool of service members with relevant skills and training.


  • Through a partnership between the Army, American Welding Society (AWS), and National Institute for Metalworking Skills (NIMS), the Army’s Ordnance School will be accredited to provide unlimited certification testing for soldiers with certain machinist and welding skills.  Located in Fort Lee, Virginia, the Ordnance School trains thousands of service members every year in the maintenance of weapon systems. The partnership between NIMS and the Ordnance school will go into effect this summer to test for the NIMS “Level 1 Machinist” certification and the partnership between AWS and the Ordnance school will begin later this year to test for the AWS “Welder” certification.


  • Through a partnership between the Army and Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME), the Army will expand certification opportunities for service members in highly-specialized and technical engineering fields.  The Army’s Engineer school will conduct a one-year pilot program to assess the potential for Engineer Officers and Warrant Officers to meet SME’s “Certified Manufacturing Technologist” or “Lean Bronze Certification” credentials. These industry-recognized credentials will help service members qualify and pursue jobs as manufacturing engineers in the private sector.


Futures Inc. is partnering with The Manufacturing Institute to leverage Pipeline, an on-line talent connection platform that links qualified employees to employers with in-demand jobs in advanced manufacturing. The platform functions as a career navigation tool, using real-time data to inform individuals about career opportunities and directly link them to the education and training they need.

The advanced manufacturing workplace demands a smart, safe, and sustainable workforce that can master the latest technologies to maintain productivity and drive innovation from production to the engineering level. Pipeline connects individuals to nationally-portable, industry recognized skill credentials supported by the NAM-Endorsed Manufacturing Skills Certification System, so individuals can identify their education and skills gaps and seek the training they need to fill them.

Pipeline is a multi-media, collaborative career-path and job-resource center designed to help people find the right career, bridge skills gaps, prepare for success, and connect to a great job. Pipeline is already being put to use to ensure our transitioning military men and women have the best tools available to connect them to a great civilian job.

The Institute has set a goal to credential 500,000 workers in the next five years.  Supporting the commitment of the Institute, Futures Inc. will deploy Pipeline in partner states to connect the job seekers to training and rewarding careers in advanced manufacturing.

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