The Manufacturing Institute, the social impact arm of the NAM, drives programs and research to promote modern manufacturing and jumpstart new approaches to growing manufacturing talent.

In partnership with some of the leading consulting firms in the country, the Institute studies the critical issues facing manufacturing and then applies that research to develop and identify solutions that are implemented by companies, schools, governments, and organizations across the country.

The Institute’s strategies and actions are all done to achieve the following goals:

  • Change the perception of careers in manufacturing to reflect its true status as the most advanced, high-tech industry in the country.
  • Re-establish the U.S. as the global leader of manufacturing education.
  • Advocate for education and job training policies that strengthen the U.S. manufacturing workforce.

The solutions and actions of the Institute are primarily project-based. Our current set of activities includes:

  • Attracting the next generation of manufacturing workers;
  • Implementing a set of national industry skill credentials;
  • Assisting manufacturers in developing a qualified and diversified talent pipeline.

Our on-going research projects are focused on:

  • Understanding the workforce issues that manufacturers face;
  • Determining the structural cost differences between the world's leading economic countries;
  • Measuring the public perception of manufacturing.

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